How to Keep it R.E.A.L in 2018

How are you Keeping it R.E.A.L in 2018?

If you are like me, every year begins with goals and finding a key word that can be used as a trigger word or catalyst to remind you of what you want to achieve that year.   For me the words come to me as I look back at my journey to that point in time. 

This year 2018, what came to me was not a word, but a phrase – KEEP-IT-R.E.A.L.  I feel like not only is it a trigger, but actually a metaphor for me to not actually just focus on where I am, but to keep chasing my dreams to where I want to be.



One of the most effective habits and practices to adopt in 2018 is the art of reflecting back on your activities, experience and challenges.   No better time than the start of the year.  It is pointless setting goals without taking a closer look at where you have been and giving some thought to where you want to go. In the middle of this is reality, it is very important to be  sure of what your current situation is.  

To help with effective reflection you need to ask yourself three key questions, write it as well as the answers down.  These questions are: 

1. What one thing can I celebrate about last year?

2. What is the biggest lesson I learnt from last year?

3. What’s the biggest thing I want to accomplish this year?

E – Evaluation

Questions and answers will not change our circumstances if we do not evaluate them.  Through evaluation we can further insights to our behaviours and the things that have shaped our current reality and outcomes.  Take for example, my health and wellbeing strategy this year is to look at all the things I have learnt from last year and to either reinforce or discontinue action.. Consequently I am using my answers to my reflection questions to focus on delivering my well being goals 

A – Acquire/Attitude

Most of what is achieved in life is based on the knowledge and skill we choose to acquire and the attitude we adopt in the process.   If the knowledge and skill you choose to acquire is based on the results  of reflection and evaluation there is a better chance of achieving what you need in life, because your efforts are streamlined.  It is also essential to acquire knowledge on the right attitude for success.  It’s our thoughts, not our circumstances, that determine our happiness. For example I run Lunch and Learns on developing a Growth Mindset, this helps employees in organisations to have an insight on the attitude required for peak performance.

L- Leverage

One definition says Leverage is the use of something to maximum advantage or to maximise advantage. Think about leverage, like “a bird in hand that is worth two in the bush”, what do you know and have right now that you could use to build momentum towards your DREAM.

Keeping it real is about  strategising, make your life your project and create a blueprint for self actualisation and fulfilment.

I will love to hear your view, what’s your phrase for 2018?  

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To Your Success and Significance 

Patience Ogunbona x

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