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Catching the Train-Life lessons on chasing the dream

What has catching the train got to do with chasing my dreams. For starters I catch the train each morning Monday to Friday, so you could argue its just mundane.  However, now the difference is my mornings are so packed full of activities as I work to become am entrepreneur, that catching the train is like racing to a finish line. Anyhow today’s journey to catch the train provided an opportunity for a life lesson.
This morning it was raining and I got to the train parking lot with only 3 minutes to spare to catch the train. This meant real sprinting and a good possibility that I won’t make it.  I was aching from my appointment with my Personal Trainer the  night before. I was also wearing thin and slightly high heels,  carrying a large and heavy backpack and my lunch bag, talk about challenges!!!. Anyhow,  I bolted out the car, started to sprint and found my legs giving way, so I started to strategise. I thought to myself, “I will sprint a little, do some accelerated walking and repeat”.  As I congratulated myself for starting to sprint, two sprightly young and energetic people sprinted straight past me heading to the train station. I started to feel deflated and even more doubtful of catching the train.
Yes I had planned ahead for a productive day, but things didn’t work out as planned and the need to a have productive day resulted in me carrying extra baggage  along.  As I applied my strategy, I inched closer  to the train station, however time was running out. The voice in my head kept saying “give up and catch the next late train”,  another said “keep moving only stop when u get to the platform and see that the train has left you behind”. It didn’t help that the station announcer was announcing the arrival of my train, I got more anxious and discouraged.
Anyhow, I listened to the latter voice and kept moving, finally I reached the platform.  Thankfully, I saw the nose of the train arriving, now! to take a deep breathe and give up  any hope of getting a sit on  a usually very packed train.   Other passengers were already poised on the platform waiting strategically to get in the door first and grab a sit.  Again my brain and inner voice challenged me to strategise, use what I know and plant myself in a place I could have a good chance of getting a sit. I took the bait, looked quickly using what I learnt on my previous morning journeys and planted myself. The train arrived and I was first at the door.  My strategy paid off and I got to a sit. Where i proceeded to write down the story and lesson learnt.
So after the long story what did I learn?
  1. Just because others are faster and stronger than you does not make your strength and abilities insignificant.
  2. Do whatever you can, whenever you can and however you can to get to your designated dream. Like my mentor #Paul Martinelli would say “hold your image”.
  3. When chasing your dreams, just because people are ahead of you and poised to take chances doesn’t exclude you from the mix. You cannot afford to give up, for all you know, you may have the winning strategy and they may not.
  4. Guard your self-talk the very first barrier to you taking action is you. You are in your head. Feed your spirit to develop discernment to know what would encourage or discourage you.
  5. Be proactive with feeding your spirit and brutal with any negatives that try to come in.
  6. No matter how hard you plan, it doesn’t always mean you will have an easy ride, the key is to keep moving forward regardless.
  7. You are stronger, braver, smarter, more beautiful than you think. This is only affirmed when you do what you need to do regardless of how you feel or what you think of your strengths and chances.

I am reminded that “the race is not always to the swift neither to the strong, time and chance (i.e due diligence, unrelenting pursuit and perseverance) happen to them all.

I saw my pursuit through to the end goal. It will not always be success each time, also remember, life plays out various circumstances and series of events. My end goal may not always be achieved each time, however, win or lose, the key is to keep evaluating our daily so called mundane experiences to build life lessons that will serve us in time when we need strategic thinking to develop effective actions.


Have a great day.
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