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How To Solve The Biggest Problem With Work

Work is an essential part of human existence, therefore unavoidable.  As Maya Angelou put it “nothing works until you do”.  However, most people spend the weekend with an impending sense of dread for the arrival of Monday morning, the week is a drag as they wait for the weekend to arrive, they day dream of retirement […]

Leadership Game Tickets

How would you like to test your Personal and Organisational Leaderships skills and knowledge against world renowned core leadership principles? If you love going down to the pub for game night or having a good laugh on a night out with your girlfriends.  Then this game is for you.    Come along and have the Leadership […]


This is my journey on the value of asking questions, being inquisitive, asking why not?, seeking explanations and asking for favors. I have always said one of the ways a MINDSET is developed is through the statements spoken to us by others.  These can go straight into our inner being when spoken and create impact, becoming […]

I Let my Goals slip

Yes, sometimes I let my goals slip.  What?! Did you say that out loud? but you are a Coach!! how could you?  I hear you say.  My first sarcastic answer will be, because I am human. On a more serious note, I will say because I needed to. When setting goals, there will be overarching goals […]

Success Ladder

Climbing a success ladder is akin to climbing a normal ladder. When you hear the phrase “Steps to success”. This also equates to how you climb normal steps. It’s a similar thought process that gets you to the top. Lets explore this. When you are at the bottom of any stairs or ladder and want […]


Recently I woke up to the reality that I had hit a wall in my fitness goals. I wasn’t moving forward. After a year of fully committing to fitness goals which saw me run three 10k races, achieve below 30mins for 5k, consistently eat healthy, learn to make healthy meals and lose weight. Here I […]