My name is Patience Ogunbona, I am a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, I am glad that as a discerning person seeking quality solutions you have taken the time to check out my website today.

In the past, I have asked key questions such as, who am I, why am I here, what’s unique about me that will make a difference in the world or to anyone, and how do I leverage my skills and talents to be, have, and give?

Through all the many hats I wear i.e.  Coach, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Internal Auditor, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Adventure seeker and Wellbeing chaser, I have sought to deliver answers to these questions.  Successfully navigating all elements of my life to answer these questions, whilst living life to the full and helping others to do same.  Through Aspire-Transform-Inspire I intend to continue to see results in the lives of my clients.

As your accountability partner, I am persistent, cheerleading at your corner and providing you with tools to fight your inner saboteur. I help you gain awareness and take action to live life to its fullest. I help you find the courage to take your aspirations and dreams and make them reality.

I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and Career progression. Through my career as an Accountant and Internal auditor, I help individuals see inefficient and ineffective areas of their career or business that could sabotage their strategic goals and objectives. Helping them explore and implement solutions.

In addition, I address relationship challenges by helping you unravel them.  I believe relationships are key in living out a fulfilled life. We have relationships with everything in our lives starting from self, to others, to food, to God, money etc.  All these relationships define us.

I look forward to working alongside you on your journey to success and further into significance.

What Is ATI

A coaching, speaking and training company that is passionate and committed to helping you achieve a fulfilled life by providing insights and tools to overcome limiting beliefs and inspires you to take actions that lead to growth, change, success, and achievement of potential and fulfillment.


To inspire change and transformation which leads to success and the fulfillment of purpose and aspirations, be it personal, professional or business.


  • Provide tailored programs that address limiting beliefs and mindsets;
  • Provide tools that will facilitate effective actions;
  • Equip and enlighten individuals to leverage skills and resources to achieve goals;
  • Build and empower aspiring leaders, and
  • Help create effective business practices and processes, resulting in enhanced performance.


Life Coaching -To see individuals and groups equipped and empowered to chase their dreams with passion, courage, develop successful and fulfilled lives, and create ventures that have impact and influence.

Performance Coaching – To inspire a change in business culture that leads to enhanced performance, profitability and sustained business growth.


What we want you to gain from our services:

  • Aspiration,
  • Transformation and
  • Inspiration

These are defined as …


Aspiration can be: A desire, hope, longing, wish or ambition of achieving something.

The action or process of drawing breath, breathing life into your dreams, the pursuit of passion.

6 Areas of Aspiration

  1. To become someone successful, significant and influential;
  2. To go somewhere full of adventure, vitality of life and experiences;
  3. To achieve an objective be it professional, personal or corporately;
  4. To obtain something of value and significance;
  5. To learn something new, a hobby, personal discipline, skill, and
  6. To create something unique, innovation, change, improvement and transformation


Transformation can be:

  • A marked change in form, nature, appearance, or process
  • A revolution and conversion;
  • Executing a well defined shift in the way things work through change management;
  • A shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past;
  • A process that is enacted over a period of time, and
  • An internal fundamental and permanent change in beliefs of why you perform certain actions, achieved through clarity, awareness and action.


Inspiration can be:

  • The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
  • The act of inspiring; quality or state of being inspired.
  • Stimulus, incitement.